Unfortunately this week a placement we hoped (and had been told) was very likely to happen fell through, for unknown reasons. Hopefully it was because of something positive for the kids like a better placement. Weirdly, we will never know.

Sadly, instead of having great news which I’ve been going crazy hiding under my hat, we’ve had quite a blow. It’s been an upsetting day, and I’m taking a little vacation from blogging. But several of my sub-personalities wanted to contribute, so I’m letting them use this space. Talk to you soon!

Angry Alan

What kind of person would let us believe we had been chosen for 5 days, then an hour before a key meeting cancel the placement without any sensible explanation?

It seems shockingly unprofessional, whatever the privacy rules. Especially since SHE CALLED US because she DIDN’T HAVE OUR SOCIAL WORKER’S CELL and WOULDN’T EVEN TELL US WHETHER IT WAS ON OR OFF. We had to wait an hour to hear that the placement was off after hoping it was just a reschedule. [Sorry for the screaming-Ed]

At the very least she could have lied a little to make something sound convincing.

Roger Rational

Things will work out for the best. Hopefully it’s something good for the kids. We’ll be placed, and will look back at all these ups and downs and laugh.

Maybe they made a mistake and will call us tomorrow! Could happen. Let’s go have a donut.

Portnoy’s Paranoia

What is the matter with us? What is the matter with them?

Is it homophobia? Are we too old? Is our family photo less attractive than I thought (even with the Photoshopping)?

Don’t you think that, if it were some “good” reason, they’d tell us? Isn’t that suspicious and make you think it’s because we’re gay?

Alan’s Second Cousin Milt

If the system treats adults (who have a choice and can look in other places) like this, how stupid and awful must they be to the children? How can our society allow such a poor system to limp along, underfunded and ignored?

And the Last Guy Standing

How do people cope? There’s so much heartbreak on this planet. Am I really supposed to have a good night’s sleep and get up tomorrow and keep going? You really mean this is what people do, day after day?

Hope, fear, celebrate the good news and mourn the bad. Deal with the punches as they come. Do their best to keep their hearts open. Look for ways to help others who are hurting. Find their inner strength. Call it a day, and start again tomorrow.

We’ll see. I hope so, Guy.