As possible placements are floated, and either are or seem more likely, I find myself kicking into high gear. But with nothing to do. Parents expecting babies can put together the crib or pick out stuff, but there’s little useful concrete action we can take until we know more.

Whenever I can, I follow the motto “Don’t just do something, stand there.” It’s usually the wise move. At other times I’ve found myself not-so-wise. Recent frenzied activities have included:

  • LabelingĀ trash, recycling, and compost bins with reflective numbers of our address. No more garbage can mixups, whew!
  • Putting up a new lamp in the kids’ room. Ikea!
  • Buying extra office supplies.
  • Loading up the shopping cart with kid plates, cups, and other paraphernalia, only to return it to the shelf when doubt about whether he/she/they will prefer astronauts, princesses, or reptiles. I’ve been near tears in the kids and plastic serving-ware isle a few times in the last month, and may be on some sort of Target “watch list.”

While occasionally I’ve cleaned my office, organized a kitchen drawer, or dived into work projects, I have to say the sort of panicky, quick-buy-something-pink-and-frilly-in-case-it’s-a-girl energy really doesn’t lend itself to anything productive. Yoga’s the only thing that helps, and there’s a limit to how many classes I can stand in a week!

I guess the good news is that when the occasion finally arises, I know I’ve got a well of nervous energy I can call on, and we’ll be able to mobilize quickly. Not to reinforce stereotypes, but there are times a crazed queen can get it done like nobody’s business!

Also, I feel there’s something very, very close. We’ve seen some profiles, and been led to think there might be some movement. Kinda. Soon. Maybe? Could be quite fast, or…

I guess nothing’s certain until they’re through school and off to college, but I’ll let people know before then. Stay tuned!