While there’s no actual news, I continue to feel we might be on the verge of something happening. Wishful thinking, or wise intuition? You decide.

I’ve been re-reading some journal entries I wrote this year.  Here’s one from June:

Hey Kids,

This is the first time I’ve written you, though I’ve thought and dreamed about you for years. But now that you may be close by, on your way even, I have you on my mind much of the time. A whole lot!

I saw some toys in the store the other day and thought “I should get these,” even though I’m not sure if you’re a boy or a girl, or what age you are! Silly, huh? I can’t wait to meet you, and find out the kinds of things you like, what you enjoy doing, and thinking about.

I’m sitting on the patio, enjoying the sun and the cat running around. She’s jumping up on the table and running away. I hope you like cats! She’s saying hello.

Last night I woke up, just after midnight, with a jolt. For some reason I was thinking about you, wherever you are, whoever you are. I had this feeling that events were moving us closer, though of course I couldn’t be sure. Sometimes I have a feeling about things before they happen, and they come true. Other times it’s just wishful thinking.

But wherever you are I’m hoping you’re safe, comfortable, and that you’re headed this way!