Is it just the slightly longer days, or has something shifted and lifted? I’d say things are looking up.

A caveat: Jay will tell you “things are looking up” can be used in my family after the worst announcements. For us, he claims, news of an ill relative, setback, stress or disappointment is followed by “but things are looking up.”

Another caveat: two or three times in my life I’ve been certain that I was absolutely, positively going to win the lottery that week, and bought 5 or 10 tickets. That’s a wild investment for someone as, um, thrifty and practical as I’m generally said to be. (Do I need to add that I still have my day job?)

But now that you’ve been warned, I have to say, I feel generally hopeful, upbeat, and happy. But I also have one of those lottery feelings that we could be really, really close to getting a kid placement.

Do I know anything that would support this? Any hint or suggestion from a social worker? Some concrete news? No.

But I’m enjoying the hope. I’m LOVING it! I’ve planted a few new plants, and am searching out this wild red succulent I’ve seen in the neighborhood.

I’m told it’s an Echeveria but am trying to find one this amazing rosy color:

And I bought a new shirt, and a rug for the bathroom. I’m on a roll!

So whatever comes next, thank you 2012 for starting out on a nice note. Happy new week everybody.