Jaden and I were driving back from getting his kindergarten immunization records. He’s off. It’s our second Spring Break for 2015, a bit more pragmatic. We’re getting errands done.

When it’s just us in the car, he gets to roll down his window; we drive on the freeway, in mild rain, all sorts of times when Papa and his sister could not stand it, but we’re the fresh air guys.

Sometimes, when it’s just the two of us, we don’t even have the radio on! Surrounded by teen pop for much of our family time (have I mentioned my husband is an 18-year-old-girl, for music demographic purposes?), these breezy, quiet drives are a blissful reverie.

At a stoplight there was a light breeze, a train horn was echoing in the distance, and I could tell Jaden was in a thoughtful mood.

Me: What’s your favorite sound?

Jaden: Siwence.

Me: Silence? Really? That’s awesome. Me too.

Jaden: Daddy, no! Siwens! Powice siwens!

Me: Oh. Sirens are cool too.

Spring Break II is like that. Dreamy sometimes, but I have to be careful not to overreach.

Spring Break I was a fun blur: Shayla’s break found us in Austin, swimming, hanging out with Grandpa Ted & Grandma Mary, Uncle Scott, Aunt Beth, my fun honorary Aunt and Uncle Honey and Paul. Guzzling BBQ and TexMex. Everyone was off and it was a true vacation.

But the sequel wasn’t really planned; Shayla and Jay are back to school. I’m really supposed to be working. A few fun playdates, a bunch of errands, a few guilty working hours with Jaden watching a movie.

But as always, the occasional perfect moment. OK, my son’s not this spooky mystic. But the freeway entrance is just up ahead, and the windows are down. Life is good.