We frontloaded summer vacation this year, a week of family camp that’s a beloved tradition, then a week at the beach in Southern California, a chance to prove to the kids that you actually can swim in the ocean, and time to hang out with all the grandparents. It was sweet.



It was a relaxing blast to start the summer, though I suddenly wonder, “is that all the vacation I get??” Um, yes. But the kids are in camp, and the mood is summer-y. It’s a sweet time of year.

Shayla’s been bringing home fun art projects, but I’m a little jealous. In my pre-parenting fantasies, I was the one drawing and painting and putting together creative projects. But there’s so much dang laundry to do! Also, while I’m way better at not engaging in the tug of war that my daughter and I find ourselves in so easily, I can tell she gets more permission and freedom from camp counselors right now.

So I find myself an art appreciator, which is pretty sweet too. It’s wonderful to see her color sense, her more sure lines and shapes. Here’s the prize so far, a piece during camp on “The Human Body,” this one dedicated to her lungs. “My [lungs] helps me play tetherball” it says:


Hung along side some pretty great art in the house, it holds up I think.

One other summer photo that captures the mood so far. Here are mermaid Shayla and Pirate Jay:


Hope there’s not too much sand in your underpants, but a little.