I stole away to bookgroup this week, leaving Jay and a friend watching the kids. What a pleasure to be with grownups, following the customs and traditions that until a few months ago were my primary ways of communicating and being with others.

So what if we mostly talked about our kids. The comfort of long-time friends who knew me “before” was such a treat. I got to complain and brag about my new family, and the three moms told stories about their worst and best moments, and what they’d do differently if they could (not that much). We had pie and cheese and cupcakes. Not a chicken dinosaur or sippy cup in sight! And I got somebody’s copy of Ayelet Waldman’s Bad Mother, which I’m devouring.

It’s been a peaceful week here. I’m tired from working and having a family, but the night terrors have been mild this week, and our girl was in a good mood–happy to be helping cook or do little things around the house with me. Even some disruption at daycare (a new teacher, other changes) didn’t throw them off. I got a call from a wannabe single dad who’s in the process with our same adoption agency, and I got to blather on about everything we’ve learned and how it’s been.

I still get near overload between 6 and 6:30, either just as I’m getting dinner on the table, or when I’ve managed to get everyone fed and it’s time to head towards the bedtime routine. I think “Can I cope tonight? Will I make it ti’l 8pm?” But I do, generally, make it. Every night so far.

Our daughter gets a star every morning she wakes up dry, and five stars equal a prize. Today’s prize was this amazing set of Mother Goose board books given us by a neighbor and “regifted” by the no-pee fairy. 20 or 25 tiny square books in a box–adorable. But I may need some stars myself. Maybe bookgroup was my prize this week. I should start thinking of what I earn the next time.