It was the 9th anniversary of the day we met, though not our wedding anniversary, which will be 5 years in August. My head spins at how quickly it goes.

We dragged the kids to a fantastic Berkeley Cajun place we hadn’t taken them before. Fingers were crossed. A few years ago we were sure hushpuppies would solve any problem (and they mostly do), but our adventure at the Austin Catfish Parlour ended in tears and vomiting, so we’d been reluctant to retry this southern delicacy. But fried cornbread balls, how could that not work?

On the way to the table Jaden announced to the host, “It’s their anniversary!” They promptly brought us 2 glasses of champagne. Nice start.

Sitting there, a little bubbly in me, I realized that this was the place Jay and I had dinner on our very last night of being childless. Friends brought us to celebrate, and I remember feeling totally clueless about what my life starting the next day would be like.

I told the kids this story, but they seemed more interested in 9 years ago tonight. And my tween daughter was particularly interested in some of the details.

Jaden: So you met 9 years ago and I wasn’t born yet?

Me: Right, but you were born about a year and a half later.

Shayla: How did you meet?

Jay: Online.

Shayla: (loudly) You did online dating?! Online dating?!! (shocked and alarmed look)

Me and Jay: (at the same time) Yes! It just means … we wanted to meet someone to go out with … we met each other online but that’s just a way to… we sent each other emails and … wanted to meet in person… Um …

Shayla: I thought you just met at the BBQ restaurant. Ew.

Me: Well we met at the BBQ restaurant for the first time in person. I wanted to find someone who wanted to have kids, and pretty soon we were looking for you two!

Shayla: (laughing crazily… the soda is going to her head) Creepy, like you were looking to take some kids?

Me: No, we wanted to find kids who needed a home. We were not going to nab the first kids we found.

Jaden: And did you get the dog after you met?

Jay: No, I had him already. But the dog loved Daddy when he met him 9 years ago.

Jaden: Wait, you brought the dog on your date?

Me: (oh no face)

Papa: No, after dinner Daddy came over to hang out and met the dog.

Shayla: Oh, yeah? You went to Papa’s to “hang out?” (air quotes laughing, almost falling down in the booth) Oh. Uh huh. Oh!! Ohhhh!!

She told us how to tell if a photo is a new boyfriend or girlfriend (their cheecks are mushed together sideways). So she’s all up on this dating stuff I guess.

While my tween daughter is excellent at sarcasm and innuendo, she’s also young enough that it’s funny and (mostly) sweet. I’m not sure she even understands exactly what she’s innuendo-ing about. As far as I can tell the goal is teasing and laughing, and we all had a nice time.

The hushpuppies were a hit, everyone ate their dinner, and I call the night a success. Happy Anniversary!